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Unemployed for a while

DOB: 07 March 1984
TOB: 7:30 PM
POB: Jangareddygudem , India

I have been struggling to find a job. I wanted to ask how does my future look from a professional viewpoint? When will I find a good job and a career to build on?

Among all the Antardashas in Mars I observed ups and downs in career & relation breakup.

Mars Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha Saturn Pratyantar dasha[/U] and Mars Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha is excellent for me.

From Saturn, mercury, Ketu & Venus Antardasha in Mars Mahadasha am facing difficult in Carrer, money and relation drastically affected.

Please suggest how will be Sun Antardasha in Mars Mahadasha From July 2021 Career, income, relation wise ?
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