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Re: Own children

Originally Posted by Star Light View Post

I'm aware of that. I should have rephrased it: Is septum generally represented by Saturn?
Yours is the first birth chart I've ever seen of someone known to have had a uterine septum. That's too small a sample to make it a general statement. I don't know of any medical astrology literature that mentions uterine septum.

That said, it's a logical conclusion.

Originally Posted by Star Light View Post
I'm sort of confused because in our language we have the same word for miscarriage and abortion and I remember someone once saying that it is visible in a chart. Could he have been referring to abortion only?
In English too, abortion is the medical term for a miscarriage as well as an elective abortion. But in common speech, abortion means a deliberately human-induced termination of pregnancy, through surgery or drugs, not a naturally occurring one.

Abortion by that definition--a deliberate termination of pregnancy--would be even less predictable, because it's a choice. Your birth chart doesn't make your choices for you. It just shows the hand you're dealt. What you do with that hand is up to you.

That said, likelihood of something happening can show up in a chart, and the more testimonies to that likelihood there are, the more likely it is that the event will occur. In your case, there is a testimony--Mars in the same sign as your fifth house ruler--to some likelihood of surgery involved in your reproductive life. If you ever had a surgical abortion, that would be a manifestation of that testimony. What actually did happen--you had surgery to remove a septum--is also a manifestation. That placement alone doesn't tell us what the manifestation is. You yourself did.

But then we've got Saturn in the fifth, and for you it manifested as a literal, physical blockage that had to be operated on. That gives us the why. But without your input, I wouldn't have immediately concluded you had a uterine septum. There are many other possibilities.

Originally Posted by Star Light View Post
However, this pregnancy wasn't successful. Which made me think, along with some other things that happened in those few weeks, what if it was an empty gestation? It could've been but I guess we'll never know. It just occurred to me because some other things might show this too (personal feelings, not medical).
It wasn't successful because you had a uterine septum. As far as we know, there isn't any other reason.

Originally Posted by Star Light View Post
Should we look at 12th house now for the "third" pregnancy, no matter what the cause for first two miscarriages was?
Your pregnancies are fifth house, no matter how many you have. Your natal chart has already described the difficulties, but it also shows us how those difficulties might be dealt with, and you've done what it suggests (surgery) to deal with it.

If you ask a horary question about pregnancy, use fifth house to represent it, no matter which pregnancy it is.
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