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Re: Own children

Thank you for your explanations.

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Astrology shows the potentials. Every potential can manifest in hundreds of thousands, if not infinite, different ways. There isn't room in a human life for every potential to manifest. So the chart cannot give you a specific answer.
I'm aware of that, I just believe that some things are bound to happen and that it shows in the chart. Not only my experience, some friends had natal charts read and they were told many things that actually happened afterwards. I may be wrong but I believe some things are potentials and some will happen, one way or the other.

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Saturn just means blockage. It doesn't specify what kind. It doesn't always even mean a literal, physical blockage.
I'm aware of that. I should have rephrased it: Is septum generally represented by Saturn?
Because to me, the moment I read your explanation, it was all clear. Saturn = blockages. Septum = a blockage.
Duuuuh moment

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Not in and of themselves. Your chart doesn't guarantee that you'll have miscarriages, and it doesn't tell us that you have. It does tell us something, very vaguely, about the likely cause if you do have a miscarriage.
Would that be Saturn, or any other planets/signs/aspects? I'm sort of confused because in our language we have the same word for miscarriage and abortion and I remember someone once saying that it is visible in a chart. Could he have been referring to abortion only?

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
You answered your own question right there. You conceived outside of your lunar fertility phase. If it were impossible, you couldn't have.
Yes, you're right. However, this pregnancy wasn't successful. Which made me think, along with some other things that happened in those few weeks, what if it was an empty gestation? It could've been but I guess we'll never know. It just occurred to me because some other things might show this too (personal feelings, not medical).

And of course, yet another question by me
Should we look at 12th house now for the "third" pregnancy, no matter what the cause for first two miscarriages was? Even if, for example, the second was empty gestation? Or anything of the like (not sure what, just an idea).

Thanks in advance for your insight and answers.

I wish you a great day, wonderful celebration, and a happy New Year!
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