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Re: Own children

Thank you very much for your answers. I'm still struggling understanding or rather deciphering everything.

At one point in my life I started to believe that astrology can give accurate and definite answers, that the natal chart shows not only possibilities but also our lives and, well, future (and past, of course). That's why my question is somwhat definite, as in Will I have a child, and not Am I able to have a child. The answer I was given years ago also lead me in this direction so I'm sort of sticking to that

I'm a novice but I too came to rather confusing conclusions re my barren and fruitful signs and planets. I would not consider IVF, it was recommended by one doctor and I was quite surprised by that. The other doctor had a different opinion.

I do have some more questions.
Saturn means blockages, so does Saturn actually mean septum (as septum is a blockage in a way) or Saturn can mean septum? I hope I'm making some sense here, I just want to know if Saturn in general is connected to septum (blockage) and other blockages or is it just general blockages that can be interpreted differently? I may have some troubles explaining what I'm wondering but I hope you understand what I'm saying.

Second question would be, are miscarriages visible in my chart? I'd say one can be quite common while two not that much and I'd presume it can be interpreted from a chart.

Another question I have is, is it possible to conceive only when a woman is having her lunar fertility phase? I understood that (again, provided that astrology is somewhat definite) a conception or rather a successful conception can happen when there's lunar ovulation, no matter the actual ovulation. When I checked my calendar I was surprised that I did get pregnant outside of my lunar fertility phase, but as said, it ended in a miscarriage.

I'm sure I'll be back with more, seems like my mind isn't really working today
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