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Dear JupiterAsc,

Thank you for replying and providing some useful links. I'm overwhelmed with all the information, I just started reading book by March and McEvers but I had some partial interpretations done in the past.

I'm aware of people here writing things in their free time, I understand people need to do things for their living too. I just want to say that I would be willing to consult a great astrologer and pay for their service of course (which wouldn't break my bank) but it's difficult to find one in the area I'm currently interested in - fertility, own children. I would also love to get a thorough and well, of course, on point analysis of the natal chart, so if it is allowed to suggest anyone, suggestions are of course welcome. If I'm possibly breaking the rules here, please ignore this and let me know.

Thank you!
BENJAMIN DYKES is a brilliant reliable astrologer
contact page at

link to BENJAMIN DYKES website is

RUMEN KOLEV also recommended


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