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Re: Own children

I wouldn't consider IVF at this point. Probably not at all. Your fertility testimonies are quite strong, and your infertility testimonies can be explained by the septum you had surgery for. What I think will probably happen is that you'll conceive easily enough when you do try again.

That happened to a friend of mine. She'd been trying for a year, no results, she and her husband went through batteries of tests, and found she had a uterine septum. After surgery, she got pregnant fairly quickly. As I recall (she was sharing her journey with friends, including me, at the time) it took about two or three months, if that.

After all, you did conceive easily enough. You just miscarried, probably due to that septum.

IVF does nothing for miscarriages. It's a solution if the couple can't make viable embryos on their own, but that doesn't seem to be your problem. You didn't have any trouble making embryos, just keeping them, and the reason why you couldn't keep them seems to have been resolved.
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