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Re: Own children

Based on your birth chart, you probably can have biological children, but it's not happening without a few hitches--as you've found.

Caveat: astrology does not guarantee that you are or are not fertile. Many different factors can affect fertility.

That said, your Moon, fifth house, fifth house planets if any, and fifth house ruler can be read for fertility testimonies. Those testimonies may be fertile, barren, or neutral. The more of them point to fertile, the more likely it is that you are extremely fertile, perhaps more than you want to be. The more of them point to barren, the more likely it is that you'll have some difficulty having children if you try. A chart heavy in barren testimonies might mean you're flat out infertile, but that's by traditional standards. Sometimes the infertility is due to a treatable cause, and if it's treated, you may be able to have children.

But your chart isn't flat out infertile. It's mixed. It's also a case where we might get different fifth houses, and different fertility testimonies, depending on which house system we use. Your fifth house Placidus has its cusp in Leo, but your fifth house whole sign is Libra. Seeing how your journey has played out so far, I'm inclined to read the Placidus version, because it seems to best describe what's happened.

Either way, your Moon placement is fertile. It's in domicile, which is a fertility testimony, and in a water sign (Cancer). The water signs are the highly fertile signs. Moon is very much in your favor. On a more personal level, a Cancer Moon often indicates a strong drive to be a parent. I suspect your desire for children relates to that Cancer Moon.

Leo is a barren sign. It's ruled by the sun, which is hot and dry. Hot and dry is not what you want for fertility. However, your Sun is in highly fertile Pisces. So that fifth house gives us a fertility testimony and an infertility testimony.

By sign, Sun sees (aspects) Saturn (an opposition) and Mars (copresent in the same sign.) Aspects by sign with either or both of those planets indicate some hindrance. There we have another infertility testimony. However, aspects by sign with benefics (Jupiter and Venus) are helpful testimonies, and Sun is trine by sign (though not by orb) with Jupiter. And Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Sun's sign, and placed in a fertile sign itself. Those are fertility testimonies.

Saturn in the fifth does indicate delay, and that delay has already happened: you're attempting pregnancy late in life. It doesn't necessarily mean anything more than that.

The whole sign version of your chart wouldn't reveal as many infertility testimonies regarding the fifth house, but it wouldn't add fertility testimonies either. Libra is a fertility neutral sign, and so is Aquarius, where you have Libra's ruler Venus. Your Venus has an out of sign opposition with Jupiter but doesn't see Mars, Saturn, or Jupiter by sign. For that reason, I think Placidus is the one to use here.
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