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Originally Posted by Star Light View Post
Thank you for your reply. We have visited the reproduction clinic, no genetic etc problems, but I had a septum which could have caused miscarriages and was now removed.

One doctor suggested IVF which another didn't because I got pregnant very quickly, in fact the first time it happened in our first try around ovulation so it was really a great surprise, especially since the test first showed negative!

I'm wary at asking a horary question because this has been in my mind for a very long time and I don't know much about it but asking a question now would not be the first time it has crossed my mind. The first time I asked an astrologer this, the one that provided some answers about me having a child, was years ago, but it was answered on my natal chart and not horary.

If anyone knows any astrologer focused on fertility, pregnancy and these matters, I would be happy to receive suggestions.
You could post you horary here

Go to, insert the datas and post it here

Then we could help you
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