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Neptune square mars- degree theory

Hi! I'm really invested in Nikola Stojanovic degree theory. So far I could "decode" almost every aspect in my chart but there is one I just can't. ��
Mr Nikola uses placidus, so even though I have capricorn on my DC there is also neptune at the 2nd degree aquarius in 7th house. Neptune square mars at the 0 degree taurus (10th house). 2nd degree is taurus degree and 0 degree in taurus also represents taurus. In his opinion taurus means money, food but 2nd degree is also special degree of supreme power. Nikola says 7th house is husband and 10th is career, authority etc. But I just don't know which interpretation is correct, what this aspect between neptune and mars means. I really tried to solve this, but neptune has so many meanings that I just don't know... Any people interested in his theory have any ideas? ��

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