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I have updated the horary chart so as to include inconjunct aspects as well as GC as Radu mentioned in his interpretation.

Now the discussions seems to have two means. One is in horary terms, another is in terms of daily religious practice. But for me the question was being asked because there have been conflicts between these two means.

After Radu's explanations, I've found some simple interesting facts from my chart:

1) Pluto is in my 1st house. Things in 1st house can be easily felt -- The feeling heavy spiritual burden that had used to be with me several years ago is back. This simply remind me that Pluto as "death and rebirth". I say it's "several years" ago as it was the time when I have more heavy "power" religious experiences from prayers frequently.

Strange enough, this feeling comes again after the dull and environmental unfriendly birthday card, while the horary made after this maybe the first one out of tens to have Pluto in 1st house!

2) The Moon is also applying an inconjunction to Pluto (and Venus)! Would I not only challenging the traditional church, but also challenge God! How about Venus? Representing the public (11th house's ruler) or somewhat representing the 6th house?

For soreherted's concerns, I think the "Father" model have to be challenged not because there couldn't be a Fatherly image of God. It would involve more to the problem of our dominant culture to subordinate to male -- male clergy, male violence to female, narrow mind for sexuality, the teachings of female to be obedient, ignorance to nurturing the eco-system, female subordinated economically, so on and so forth. They may be hindering, not a help to the church.

Though I'm never to intend to start any theological debate here, for my dominance of language would not be fair to you.

I'm no good too. My gf complained about my ignorance to her maybe one example. She has left me a feminist book that I just have to go on reading. This would be a long and winding road.
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