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Your question is valid and genuine. If my last post implied that I thought wasn't, then I apologize. It was not my intention. Your question is a valid one and you have the right to ask it. I'm sure it was generated by genuine feelings in your heart. I only just said that it's not fit for horary judgement. It coud be fit for other types of judgements that I don't know about. Still, the horary chart described it well with Sagittarius rising. This porves that the question was asked at the right space and time. I'm also pretty sure that the horary has the answer withing the chart. It's us finding that answer that is difficult, if not impossible, to get throgh horary because of the lack of objective knowldge in this area, knowldge that I cannot see humanity acquiring any time soon. That's my opinion at least.


Shame on you? Why? You did nothing wrong. This is the problem with this type of questions in horary. The astrologer is likely to depend on his or her belief in the interpretation since the basis of choosing the proper significators is not an objective process. We have no basis but our own faith. That's good, but it's not very good for horary. In fact, I was afraid of answering this question with horary because I felt it would be unfair to horary, a very respectable science in my opinion.

Here's the answer I was afraid I was going to get because I already sort of believe in it. The "Father" in the Trinity is genderless. We simply had to give "Him" a gender to make Him closer to our hearts and get the fittest idea of what He really is, a loving parent. I'm pretty sure if I look at the chart, I will see it this way one way or another. I was also going to add this in the end of the interpretation. "It doesn't matter if God is a male, female or something else we don't know about. What matters is our relationship with Him. Don't let earthly politics diviate you from why we call Him Father in the first place". See? Completely subjective on my part.
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