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Thank you sorehearted. I think I would be eligible to ask question since a serious student is here attending your lecture!

With very limited background of religious /philosophy studies, I would like to added a few points or generalization to the issue, maybe they're not relevant or not elaborated in a systematic way.

1) It maybe not easy to answer "Does something exist?" because the choose of significators for the involved parties would be very difficult. It's the matter of circular reasoning if one decide to choose a significator which cannot represent the quesited.

(This type of question, being argued for several centuries, wouldn't trap me again...)

2) The second question is about the lack of time frame to proof the anwser. By simpified modernism thinking, seemingly it's not the error of the horary chart itself. It's the problem on the skeptical mind that cannot believe s/he for what's interpreted by anybody.

Would I say the question thus become invalid then? Seems not? But Jungian (I know too less) may agree on it's invalidity because "to state a question believed in mind that the anwser won't be trustable by the querent himself/herself", for me is quite absurd to state. Thus affect the validity of a question in return.

For instace, the Ascendant for this chart is again Sagittarius, a mutatable sign, thus implying my uncertainties for the questions?

3) I start to analyse my question, simplified as "What's the gender of God?" Would it be too different from a question like "What's his sexual preference?" "What's the gender of amoeba?"

Serious consequences would be brought out if the anwser is "God is female" when more than 99% of Christians have clear concept in their mind that "God is my Father". Would we thus say they are believing Somebody who is non-existing? Or to say "your healing of serious illness through prayers last week in the church is false illusions because you prayed in the name of Father"? My anwser would be "no".

4) Many contemporary theologians have different time frames than the previous ones. It's in the term of "eschatology", saying that the salvations, "Kingdom of God", etc would be a continuity of the present world, not as seperate as some traditionalists claim, who are too mystical to imagine the "Other World" that's detached from human (women?) his(hers)tory.

5) Having the problem of unprovable time frame resolved, how about if I ask questions like "Is Katrina believe in Buddha this year?" "What was Vincent Van Gogh thinking while he was painting "The Starry Night"?" ( April 7 2006 10:19:03 GMT+8 114:11:00E 22:21:00N) Or "What was the time "Historical Jesus"(19thC biblical scholar Bultmann's term) die?" "Was it apostle John himself to write the Revelation of John?" Are these questions valid? If yes, then why not "Did Jesus (Christ) went to see the apostles after He was killed?" or "Would Jesus be a women who thought she was a man?"...etc

Sorry for so many instinctive response from my natal Moon trine Sun, Neptune and sextile Pluto, with transiting Moon coming to my Leonine Moon. It's a bit arrogant!
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