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In The Martial Art of Horary Astrology, Dr. J. Lee Lehman says that this type of question is not fit for horary judgement. A question is only fit when the it is inevitable for an outcome to take place and be witnessed. If you ask about a job or a relation, time will tell you if the horary judgement you got was right or wrong. But if you ask a question like : "Does God exist?", will you ever be able to prove a yes or no answer to this question? It's a debatable subject and will neverbe proved. It's a matter of faith.

Your question is about the Trinity and assumes that the Trinity is a fact, while the fact is Trinity is a Christian belief. I mean, I'm Chrsitian and I believe in the Trinity, but I cannot prove it, neither by horary or otherwise.

In order for a question to be fit for horary judgement, it is has to be something like "will I get a new job in 5 months" or "Am I going to get back with my girlfriend in a year". Because in a certain amount of time you'll know if anwers to the first horaries were correct.

In this forum, you'll find a couple of horaries by me and Draco concerning aliens. While non-human intelligent life on other planets is still a unprovable, I was ok asking this question because I think science is very close to giving us the right answer and final answer on this issue, so it's pretty much a matter of time. But matters that relate to the Divine, you'll get many differnt answers yet none will be proved correct.

OK.. I just proof-read that and it sounded a bit like a lecture. Heh. Sorry about that. Was just trying to help.
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