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What is the gender of the of the Creator of Trinity

The only birthday card I receive this year is from the Christian (evangelical) church /denomination where I grew up(natal Sun trine Neptune), but hadn't been for two years.

However, this birthday card brings some complex feelings to me, seems like that I'm receiving some spiritual burdens from them! My rationle is usually hard to get along with that.(natal Mercury square Neptune)

Some of the reasons for my problem are theological. One of the questions arise when I knew about Feminist theology, which challenge the patriachical paradigm from Christian traditional doctrine of Trinity to claim the First Person as "Father". Some theologians say the Lord is "Mother", so on and so forth...

Religious matters such like that is a bother to me indeed for years!

So here is my horary question:
"What is the gender of the Creator of Christian Trinity, who has been traditionally referred as 'Father'?"
April 6, 2006 22:51:10 (GMT +8 ) Wang Tau Hom, Hong Kong (114E11 22N21)

Here is the chart:
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