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Re: how likely is marriage to happen?

Originally Posted by marygrace View Post
I'm dating someone much older than I. I'm wondering if marriage will happen for me in my lifetime. I really feel that I've found the man I want to settle down with for good, but I'm just curious if marriage will happen. Any other relationship comments are well appreciated. Thank you.

Hello marygrace,

as marriage is something you cannot manage only on your own, did't your

partner also agree- that you are the one, he wants to settle down ?

Marriage is possible if your ruler of 8th house - saturn on 17 degrees is activated to get your plans through - by a transiting planet and also kinda 10th house ruler should be involved too, because this is a change in life path and a change of official documents also probably changing your official name.

What is easy in your chart- as saturn as ruler of marriage is in aspect with your neptune as ruler of 10th house.
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