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Re: how likely is marriage to happen?

Originally Posted by marygrace View Post
I'm dating someone much older than I. I'm wondering if marriage will happen for me in my lifetime. I really feel that I've found the man I want to settle down with for good, but I'm just curious if marriage will happen. Any other relationship comments are well appreciated. Thank you.
I don't see why marriage cannot happen. tJupiter trine nVenus now may be making you feel all loving and ready to settle. It might feel even stronger when it enters Capricorn.

However, you've Neptune in 7th square Sun/Venus and Uranus also in 7th square Venus, so just make sure you enter a partnership with your eyes wide open and not on impulse because Venus-Uranus people can feel all high and then suddenly cool off (Aries also impulsive nature). So if you've only been dating this guy for a short time, take some time to decide if he's indeed the one.

Also, this may interest you -

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