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Re: Putin Aspects in 2019

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Surprising charts. With planets + his ascendant in so many Venus-ruled sings, I'd expect Putin to be a real sweetie. Not a brutal dictator.
He has to have Sagittarius rising - Mars on the asc trine Jupiter in royal images; exalted Mercury, Saturn and Sun culminating in Virgo indicating spy services along with the enigmatic nature of Sag, Venus in Libra and in the XI indicates even more good fortune. He is also proficient in martial arts. His father (Lot in Cancer, IV in Pisces) served in the navy and in the army (10th from Lot and IV). Mars in the I by day always greatly harms siblings. He is divorced. No other rising sign seems to fit his biography.

Aside from being all around badass he is also a pilot waybread, another winged association (Sag Asc, Mercury in Virgo culminating) -
Riding horses is another signification of Sagittarius especially with Mars there and the ruler in another quadrupedal sign.

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