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Re: Will i be able to gain positive outcome of my new job?

Originally Posted by efo View Post
Hello all,
I am starting new job. It is my own. It was in my mind since 1 year and i am planning/preparing for 1 month.
I wonder if i gain good results financially.
This job is about exportation some decoratives.

To my knowladge,
Venus at H10 is good but moon is burnt and pluto at second house cusp. These are not good. Saturn is also in H1...
What do you think? Thank you so much in advance.
the truth is that it is not the best time for new starts. Many planets retro, Mercury (the natural planet of communication, commerce, communications, contracts,) burned by the Sun and retrog and became the eclipse of August together.
It's a question that can not be answered with a yes or not so simple.
There are positives and negatives in the chart but all the new beginnings have it.

the ASC in Sagittarius and the ruler here is the expansive and benefactor is Jupiter.
Jupiter sits at the house that has his joy. A good house with good enough influence. Is within its own terms and this is very good, so it wins both Essential and fundamental dignities. It is not in Lost.
Also this Jupiter (you) is near in a Fixed Star which shows wisdom and brings sociability.

Jupiter your ruler will be for a long time in the scorpion, sign that shows business skills and money. Jupiter is in an environment that is not exteriorized and moves more underground. Α silent sign, speechless.
Jupiter where he is is in the fall of the Moon (the money of others) and in the detriment of Venus (work). This shows us the current situation, which is still at an early stage, and it seems that you are starting to be disturbed and worried. It's no accident to ask about this.

The Moon (the Lady of the 8th House) and this burnt-out, however, happily departed from Sun.
This Moon after its appearance with the Sun is removed and makes no other aspects until it changes position. This shows us that for some time there might be a gap rather than a lot of mobility.

But when he changes her position will make very good aspects through the 9th house the house of "god" and good fortune a house that shows the exterior, contact with people from abroad etc
This Moon (the economy of others) will find Saturn (your pocket) with a trine (convenience opportunities), and then find Jupiter (you) and will close with a mutual aspect with Mars (the master of your 4th , the end of the case).

Mercury is the ruler of the 7th but also of the ruler of including sign of in the 9th (exterior but also the laws). It is the natural sign of communication, contracts, you may have some promblems in this area.
At this stage Mercury is not the best. (customers) who just made an aspect with Jupiter (you) and separate from him will again meet him but also will trine with the ASC, away from the burning and retro, but will activate the eclipse of August in the 8th (economics and money of others).
This shows us that perhaps issues that have been of concern to you over the course of time may arise. mainly financially.

The benefits of the work are shown by the governor of the 11th Mars. Mars here is retro and peregrine. It will change its position and it will come into its exaltation for a while telling us that you may have an improvement on the way .... Jupiter under the government of Mars and Mars under the Saturn government (your pocket) shows us the interest you focus.

Saturn (your finances, your pocket) also retro and is sitting in the 1st house. You give priority to and focus on this area, financially derived from career themes (as Saturn is the Almuten of the 10th House), shows us the direct relationship and the control you have.

Saturn do not forget is a planet that shows the limitations and difficulties in some areas and so here in the 1st house shows the heavy tha you have comes mainly From financial issues.
But Venus is moving away from him and you will soon be more relaxed and take "breath" from that weight and anxiety that you possess.

Venus and Lady of the 10th (professional - career, success). A very powerful Venus, angular and Saturn's Triplicity (the ruler of your second house of finance.) It is also in the exaltation of this Saturn, but also in the triplicity and terms of Saturn. Very very positive.
Positive facts that show us that the profession and career field is going to give you many good things and you will not get lost mainly financially but with hard (Saturn) Work.

I recommend that you make a good preparation at this time and organize well without large openings. This is the period with so many retrospective planets. Perhaps in the process (with the new year) some things change and you need to redefine or change your plans. Not necessarily for evil.

In brief
So surely in the future things will go better because:
- Venus - ruler of career and success is powerful.
- This Venus is in the outburst of Saturn and Saturn in the triple of Venus. We have a mixed reception of tripleness and excitement (very good cooperation means this)
- Saturn is the Lord of the 10th house and that Powerful in the future will stop the retrograde course
- Finally, when Jupiter changes sign will be in a position of dominance very strong and he may have the control and will be more comfortable.

good luck with me best wishes
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