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Originally Posted by thechariot View Post
Hi Sunrise,

thanks for your reply. I reviewed the chart and I think there is a traslation of light. Mercury is separating from an opposition to Mars and is applying to a square to Jupiter so Jupiter is connected to Mars. Maybe I am still wrong but then timing is represented by mercury applying the square to Jupiter? House is angular and sign is fixed so it takes long time. As well as mercury will perfect the aspect to jupiter within 2 degrees and 5 minutes I suppose the final anwer would be within 2 weeks (Saturday 21st July or Monday 23rd July).

Is it right?

Thanks and regards,

P.S. Mercury is ruler of 11th House that is also derived 6th house (someone providing the service to the bank = postoffice/postman) from the radix 6th house (someone that is providing service to me = bank)

Yes dear I will agree with you
Also the moon in there can help (transfer)
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