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Re: When will I receive bank card?

Originally Posted by thechariot View Post
Hi all,

I am practicing over horary astrology responses to specific questions asked by myself. I am waiting a letter/envelope from my bank because I recently lost previous debit card and I should receive new one in my mailbox.

They sent it on Wednesday and I was expecting to get it yesterday but it was not there. I checked it even today but nothing yet. I wonder whether it is lost or there is a deliverying delay.

Anyway as newbie in horary astrology branch I still have difficulty to choose the right houses involved in the question. Question is about a letter with a debit bank card in it. Bank card should be a matter of 2nd house but I did not loose it because I should still receive it.

I was thinking about 3rd house but I read that 3rd house is for outgoing communications. Incoming ones should be 3rd one from another house. I was thinking about 8th radical one (3rd one from 6th radix one) whether is correct to consider bank as an entity providing me a sort of service.

Assuming 8th house the right one I expect its lord would make an aspect to the lord of 1st house or ascendant.

I attach here the chart and I try to answer tothe question:

ascendant is in scorpio
lord of 1st house=mars
mars is retrograde in acquarius and in 4th radix house (less than 5 from the 4th house cusp)
8th house cusp is in taurus
lord of 8th house=venus
venus is in leo and in 10th radix house
venus and mars are in mutual reception by face

They don't make any aspect to each other. Is around them a translation or collection of light that I cannot see?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



You will have your bank card soon.

I will try with the 2th house. In there we have the sign of inclunding. So we have Mars and Jupiter.

Jupiter is sitting in your 1th house, ruled by mars
Mars is retro in 4th house.

both sign shows that your bunk card is coming to you. with some delay
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