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Will we finally get our chance?

I've known him for 3 years, we made out once but I stopped it right then and there because he told me he doesn't want a commitment, while I did. We've bumped into each other repeatedly over the years, the attraction and mutual interest still there, but so was the dealbreaker. Now he tells me the death of his mother made him reconsider things and he's looking for a life partner so it got me to ask this question... I would think he still would be interested in me, and there is a conjunction between him and the Asc, as well as an applying semisextile to me, Saturn. But I also see those planets in the 7th (however, intercepted and he doesn't aspect any of them unless you count a counterprallel to Mars that's kinda wide and not sure if it's applying or separating) and I know he's in detriment (he is mourning) so I am a bit concerned, not to mention that he doesn't seem to make major aspects to classic planets before leaving Capricorn so... is the Moon VOC?? O_O

Confused about this one. What do you guys think? I appreciate any insights you may have. Despite the lack of reception on my part, I do like the guy and would like a chance with him, I'm just not holding my breath because of our back and forth history, not to mention he moved to a different country in the meantime (though he hates it there lol).

Thank you!
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