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Re: Very unclear on career/destiny. I want to be a writer - does the chart support it


Your unclarity comes from your Neptune-Merc. conjunction. However, you can use your Neptune for better things like imagination, which is a necessary ingredient for writers.

You have your career axis (MC) in Aries. Now Aries (Mars) needs a lot of freedom and usually dislikes following a 9-to-5 office regimen, so, most likely they will either work in shifts, or free lance, or work from home. Now that can sound like a writer. Now, for writing, one needs for thoughts to come from a keen power of imagination and a soulful mind, so we look for any aspects between the Merc. (practical mind/ intellect) and the Moon (soul/ subconscious mind), and for probable aspects between the third-house ruler and the Moon. You meet all these requirements. So, yes, you seem to have the right mix required for writing. The rest (that is to stop overthinking and start doing) is up to you really.
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