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Re: Too many Configurations!!!

Originally Posted by astroman1
Is it positive or negative to have this many configurations?
That's the Jedi mind-trick that is astrology: it is whatever you think it is. More or less everyone I know has a "better" chart than me, I have Su/Mo/Ve/Sa in fall, almost no aspects (actually I have just 6 major aspects between planets) and an unaspected Mercury and an almost unaspected Moon. Funny thing is I wouldn't swap my life for anyone else's in a million years, which is the same thing of course as wanting a different chart.

I think sometimes, when we have to struggle with something then we often learn to master that thing; I feel like my own master and I know all sorts of people with "strong" charts who are in a complete mess.

So, it is what it is. I think yor chart is great as well, because it has so many possibilites, you can talk about this configuration or that one, but really your chart is just one big configuration; individual patterns are simply compartmentalising the energy flow to make it easier to grasp by our feeble human minds. Why is a Yod so tense, because it creates so much difficulty with integration, and grand trines, great! How lovely they are, but nearly in every case people fail to capitalise on them without plenty of bad placements or hard aspects.

On the question of orbs I am mostly in agreement with Arian. I think too wide an aspect attenuates quickly; in fact I would say that a 1 deg. minor aspect is far more influential than a 9 deg. major aspect; I say that both from logic and observation. One interesting further insight; wide aspects seem to be less integrated; that is fine for easy aspects, tight difficult aspects seem more likely to be a done deal in charts I have seen; the person learns to live with them - I guess because they have no choice - but weak hard aspects seem to remain an annoyance for the entire lifetime.

Just a few thoughts. To answer your original question then, positive; how can life possibly be anything else? Even your worst aspects are just an opportunity in disguise
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