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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
BbI, you may find astrologers encouraging you to develop the "empty leg" of your T-square, meaning the sign and house opposite your Mars in your chart.

I've never gotten the wisdom of this approach. To me it seems like trying to convert a T-square into an even more challenging grand cross!

I think athletics are a super use of a stressful Mars, as Mars rules sports and athletes. With Mars in Pisces, you might think about an aquatic exercise class (these usually attract non-swimmers,) lap-swimming, or some kind of boating (like kayaking.) The third house deals with your local neighbourhood and your Mars squares Mercury in Gemini, for which walking should be a great idea. Even better, does your neighborhood have a local rec center or Y with a gym, racquet ball court, or swimming pool?

Then use your Saturn, the disciplinarian of the zodiac, to improve your technique and endurance.

Uranus and your Gemini planets like novelty and variety, so something like cross-training might suit you.

The other things to consider are your T-square planet allies. Hey, you've got a good-looking sextile from Jupiter and trine from your sun to Mars. Those 12-6th house axis planets might be happy if you volunteer for people less fortunate than yourself, perhaps at a local hospital.

I am a great believer in choice-centered astrology. You can't change your horoscope but you can change how you work with what you've got.
Wow, just like you have somehow peeked on me. I asked about the sports, because i did some reading and it didn't sound good to me the other aproach you' ve mentioned.

Also I have noticed that I don't quite function well with people who have planets which are forming a grand cross for me in synastry, somehow I feel blocked by them, so I am not sure that that approach would work for me.

Actually in my neighborhood I have a recreation center and both swimming pool and gym there. I am member of a gym, but I have noticed that it takes me so much less mind power to go to swimming pool, than to a gym. And I feel much better swimming, than excercising. It relaxes me, and I have always liked water, any form works for me, baths, river, lakes, sea, swimming pool...Although, I have noticed that I have a lot of strength in my legs, I can walk a lot,but the problem is that I am undecisive, and I waste more energy thinking should I or should I not- than actually doing it. I have been thinking about volonteering too! But it was pointed towards animals. They are my weak spot. Actually I have contacted animal safety and protection organization and offered my service, we have agreed to work together as soon as my schedule gets less cramped.

I have never thought to volonteer to help people, somehow I feel like I don't have nothing to offer to help. Is that weird?

So I agree with you, IMO it is very important to understand self and to know what one has in order to become better. So I am aware that I have energy, but I am also aware that I am not using it to my best interest(hence I am not my best self for other too)and I want to affect that as much as possible. Thank you for this great reply!
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