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Originally Posted by eekndyn View Post
Also, I wanted to ask do you use modern astrology during your research. I'm finding it difficult to stick with traditional as we have progressed with the times.
That is a very good question. I respect traditional astrology as I would respect the discoveries and methods set out by early doctors, scientists, biologists and so on.

But, nothing stands still and astrology the least of all. To use methods from centuries ago, or even decades ago leads to stagnation (although, the baby should not be thrown out with the bath water). I think that the pioneers in this field would have wanted their discoveries to be examined, turned inside out, and reworked as a way of moving forward and making it better. If I eventually come out with the books that I plan, I would want people to take them as a stepping stone and not use the material as if it's set in stone.

With that, I use all the planets but, my expertise is geared to provide prediction from charts. As such, I practice neither modern nor traditional astrology.


Astrology is all about prediction ....
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