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Question Very unclear on career/destiny. I want to be a writer - does the chart support it?

Hello everyone.

I am not one of those people who has always had a dream career. Due to many family issues, particularly with my mother, I never really had a plan beyond going to college.

4 years after graduation I am still uncertain about what I want to do. I recently started a blog about my history of abuse, and about just dealing with daily life (6th house), but I am not sure if this will ever be more than a hobby.

I want to start a film production business with my fiance (Sun-Merc-Neptune stellium in Capricorn conjunct DC), but I also feel the need to have my own career and identity separate from that (NN in Aries in the 10th, conj. Moon).

My Mars, ruler of my 10th house and my NN, is in Pisces in the 9th. The 9th also holds my Jupiter in Pisces. Mars is squared by Neptune in the 6th.

I recently applied for several jobs, and really thought I nailed one of them; however, I was supposed to hear back about it on Friday and didn't. Given transiting Jupiter going over my ASC, I was surprised by this!

There's another, work-at-home technology job (Uranus in 6th) that I'm also waiting to hear back from, but it could be another 3 weeks before I hear anything. Besides, this would be a 6th house position - just a job, not a career.

My Mars in 9th ruling my 10th and NN would suggest doing something in religion, education, or something spiritual, wouldn't it? I write about spiritual topics on my blog, but my Mercury receives some very harsh aspects and I have no air in my chart outside of Chiron Rx in the 12th. (Oh, I write the blog using a pseudonym, if that helps at all.)

The Sun in 6th conj. DC rules my 2nd house, so maybe I will never make money from my career, only from jobs? I hope not. That idea makes me sad.

Any thoughts? I really want to get started on my career, but nothing seems to be clicking! (Thanks Neptune square Mars - haha!)

Thank you for your time!!
- Mary
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