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Re: Contacting the dead

Originally Posted by ashriia View Post
ego residues... interesting theory. if that is in fact the way it might work, i wonder at why it happens that way. why does a part get left behind?

growing up my house was always visited by spirits, when i still lived with family. my mother studied channeling with several different groups and therefore the home was always a little mecca for deceased relatives and friends that dropped by. the only time i actually saw, with my own eyes spirits. was after a cross country move and living in a new house with an ex. i saw two white lights, like blurry figures coming down a staircase. it was surreal, but i felt at the time they were familiars of the people i was living with. in retrospect ....i think they were there for me. like guardians that were with me for the long journey, to see me throught it. life can be pretty dazzling with all it's magic.
I personally believe that how you are right now, you, are just a mask. It isn't you...ghosts are usually these masks and they tend to still have beef with certain individuals/places, have likes and fears, etc. They may still be around because they want to be, they're attached.
"In this world there's a kind of painful progress. Longing for what we left behind and dreaming ahead."
-Harper, Angels in America

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