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How do I bring the pieces of the puzzle together to make sense of it all????

I'm CHART C & He's CHART AIs anyone willing to give me any insights on our charts. I have tried my best to bring the pieces of the puzzle together to create a whole but I'm not sure that I'm doing it right. Yeah I've read the aspects individually but you can't interpret the entire chart based on aspects alone. In some way I need to weave them together and create a story. If you can just give me an example of how to do this based on our charts that would be great. I don't expect anyone to sit here and breakdown the everything. I just need a few detailed examples and I will do it myself. I'm trying to learn astrology I have been studying for a few years now, the natal charts I can do a little, but I really want to learn synastry. I will give an example can you tell me if I'm on the right track:

His sun Planet A is conjunct My Pluto Planet B

Planet A:

What: The SUN is how he expresses himself, his ego, his identity, his drive, his soul, his spirit. All of who is and is trying to become.

How: Scorpio: intense, emotional, secretive way

Where: 10th House: reputation, social image, and career

This person is emotional, intense, and secretive his career and reputation mean everything to him without his reputation, social image, and career his life would be meaningless.

Planet B:

What: Pluto is about looking inward and uncovering secret that create change and ultmately transformations.

How: Scorpio focused on darker secret motives, manipulative, controlling

Where: 7th house: Relationships of all kinds, the energy projected out into the world that is recieved back

This person wants to dig deep below the surface and finds all the hidden, secret motives that cause change that will ultimately bring about a transformation within personal realtionships. Relationships that are superficial won't suffice.

Conjunct= the two planets blended together, fused and intensified.

So this is where I'm stuck...How do I create something out of this breakdown???

Any suggestions, insights, explainations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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