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Re: where is the love of my life?

Originally Posted by sonia1983 View Post
where is the love of my life?
is he abroad
The interesting thing about this is if you take the Absent Person that would be Saturn in the 9th Sign, so it would seem so.

If you adopt the 1st/7th House position, Sun in 6th House would indicate regional.

Cadent Houses are travel and the 9th is the House of Travel. 9th would be outside your region (that is not in Southwest Asia). 6th would be in the area, say Afghanistan, India, Iran (border countries).

3rd would be distant but in your country. You're in Karachi so let's say Faisalbad, Peshawar maybe Gilgit, or maybe west to Nok Kuni or Jawani.

The 12th would be very distant, like Africa, Europe, or the Americas.

Originally Posted by sonia1983 View Post
and he will love me forever truely?
That would be a separate question well beyond the scope of the first question.
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