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Re: Greetings

Welcome to this forum Horus! That is an interesting mix, artist, Atlantologist and hypnotherapist! My word! Very Scorpionic indeed (except the artist part). I guess you could even have a few planets in your 8th house having these interests!

Please have a look at our Forum Rules (top of this page there is a link) and also the Announcement Board Sticky and notification of Radu our administrator.

Synastry is not my favorite way of looking at two people. I usually look at the two charts separately as I can see from there if things could click or not and of course how each person is "made up". I use the double synastry ring only to see in which house the planets of one person fall in the chart of the other and vice versa.

If you want to get an answer to your questions please post a chart in our Greenhorn Lounge as that is the place for those who are not yet able to interprete their own charts. The Sticky in the Announcement Board "attention to new members" tells you why and also how to upload a chart. (two in your case).

Hope you will learn a lot (our Education Board is loaded with all sorts of articles and information links) and enjoy your stay here.

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