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Smile Synastrise this?!

Hallo allo!

I'm new to Synastry, but recently have had reason to investigate

The following is information for synastry between myself and the person in my life who has most successfully confused the utter daylights out of me. Naturally, it's a man

I don't have his birth time, so the following is based on a chart with no houses. I have placed my own planets on his chart, mine are the ones listed first. Aspects to his moon are likely to be innacurate, but I believe everthing else should be just about on track.

I have spent a fair amount of energy, perhaps more than I should have, trying to decipher why this guy has such an unbelievably strong effect on me. The thing that strikes me with our aspects, as little as I know of Synastry, is that ELEMENT wise, we have a fair amount of harmony (Mars and Venus in Earth and Air signs respectively, etc). However ASPECT wise, it's just all squares, conjunctions and oppositions! Would that explain willing empathy on both sides, coupled with incomprehensible communication and frustration?

Anyhooooows, here it is. If anyone has any observations, please share This man is about to venture back into my life for a visit, and I must be prepared!!


Ascendant Cancer trine Moon Scorpio (4 degrees)
Ascendant Cancer Quincunx Uranus Sagittarius (3 degrees)
Ascendant Cancer Quincunx Jupiter Sagittarius (2 degrees)

True node Cancer sextile Mercury Taurus (2 degrees)
True node Cancer sextile Chiron Taurus (4 degrees)

Sun/Mercury Sagittarius opposite Venus Gemini (2 degrees)

Moon Gemini opposite Uranus Sagittarius (2 degrees)
Moon Gemini opposite Jupiter Sagittarius (3 degrees)

Venus Aquarius square Saturn Scorpio (1 degree)
Venus Aquarius square Pluto Libra (4 degrees, but not squared by sign)

Mars Virgo square Neptune Sagittarius (2 degrees)
Mars Virgo square True node Gemini (2 degrees)
Mars Virgo quincunx Chiron Taurus (2 degrees)
Mars Virgo quincunx Mercury Taurus (3 degrees)

Jupiter Scorpio conjunct Saturn Scorpio (2 degrees)
Jupiter Scorpio conjunct Pluto Libra (5 degrees)

Saturn Libra trine Venus Gemini (4 degrees)

Uranus Sagittarius conjunct Uranus Sagittarius (7 degrees)
Uranus Sagittarius opposition Chiron Taurus (5 degrees, not by sign)

Neptune Sagittarius conjunct Neptune Sagittarius (5 degrees)
Neptune Sagittarius conjunct South Node Sagittarius (2 degrees)
Neptune Sagittarius sextile Pluto Libra (4 degrees)

Pluto Libra conjunct Pluto Libra (2 degrees)
Pluto Libra sextile Neptune Sagittarius(3 degrees)

Chiron Taurus conjunct Mercury Taurus (6 degrees)
Chiron Taurus conjunct Mars Taurus (3 degrees)

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