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Smile Re: Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

Originally Posted by Dirius View Post
Huh I see. So Trump, a capitalist by all means, is working for free without taking a salary from americans.

And on the other hand, the socialist bernie sanders, a known multi-millionare with 7 houses, is happy to take an impressive wage out of the taxpayer's pocket? Huh...

I mean shouldn't bernie, a socialist and "succesful" author, who has made money through his books, be able to at least refuse a part of his salary? Wouldn't like 50k a year suffice for socialist bernie? Or does socialist bernie need 200k ??
George Washington was wealthy enough to refuse his salary, but he was urged not to because it would set a precedent for making the less wealthy Presidents look bad for accepting theirs.

Bernie alone doesn't set the salaries, but I personally think the taxpayers should decide how much their representatives are paid, not the representatives themselves. However, consider how outrageously much executives and administrators are paid in the private sector, including those "golden parachutes" when they're fired! That comes out of the workers' salaries.
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