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Re: Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
What's he need it for? He hasn't divested, and his own policies are supporting his private investments. He's living a lavish lifestyle on American tax-dollars. And, it's a smart propaganda move which really impresses his followers. J.F.K. was wealthy enough to refuse his salary, and Herbert Hoover accepted his salary but donated it to charity.
These days, $400,000 is pocket-change to a billionaire.
Huh I see. So Trump, a capitalist by all means, is working for free without taking a salary from americans.

And on the other hand, the socialist bernie sanders, a known multi-millionare with 7 houses, is happy to take an impressive wage out of the taxpayer's pocket? Huh...

I mean shouldn't bernie, a socialist and "succesful" author, who has made money through his books, be able to at least refuse a part of his salary? Wouldn't like 50k a year suffice for socialist bernie? Or does socialist bernie need 200k ??
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