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Re: Moon in scorpio ?

Originally Posted by Scherzy View Post
I think november is better,
because moon in 3rd house whis is house of joy of the moon,
9th house ruler venus and moon in has applying aspect with it
It still doesn't look very good.

Your are Mercury in Pisces in Fall and opposite the Ascendant, antagonistic toward yourself and in low condition, taking a course of action that is damaging to your own interests.

You asked this question right as Mercury was slowing down to go retrograde. That indicates a change in direction; you'll probably change your mind.

The Moon is actually in the 4th sign, so she isn't in her house of joy. If she was though that wouldn't really change that much. She's in a Diurnal sign, on the same side of the horizon as the Sun, unable to see two of her triplicity rulers (Saturn and most importantly Jupiter), and the one triplicity ruler she can see (the Sun) is in the 6th sign from the Ascendant. The Moon isn't in the best shape here.

Her very next aspect is to Venus. Indeed, Venus does rule the 9th....however she's in the 8th sign from the Ascendant, which isn't good. She is in a night chart, which is good however. She's in a Diurnal sign, which is kind of awkward, square Jupiter and Saturn, which is at least mildly helpful, but very very very unstable.

So Venus indicates that you might, MIGHT, be able to stick the landing in September, but your chances are pretty astronomical unfortunately.

So there is a microscopic sliver of hope, but far more likely than not you wouldn't be successful unfortunately. If you were to put a gun to my head and force me to give a final judgment, I'd say it's a no-go.

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