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Re: North Node in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in the 1st

“I just have to learn to not re create that in my future”.

Indeed: sounds like you are taking major strides of progress in reaching towards self-awareness!

I do concur that your fear of losing everything has a significant link to witnessing your mother’s struggles. Having been an emotionally sensitive person myself, I consider that monitoring our emotions is a paramount tool to help us in our own healing.

In saying that you are ‘subjective and emotional’ you continue to reinforce that as being a weakness and this is how we continuously hypnotize ourselves into a false belief. A tool for overcoming that is to use affirmation cards that you can see everyday, so that the psyche can adjust it’s own perception of self.

Here’s a link to address your lack of air

I do think the key for handling the intersecting t-squares is shown by Chiron in the 10th [Virgo].

For you, Chiron in Virgo suggests that you can be prone to falling short of your own expectations of yourself, contributing to the sense of insecurity that binds you; in turn this contributes to feeling disorganized and overwhelmed.
While you may feel it important to make your mark on the world,
it might be more manageable to just accept yourself as you are.
If you can feel greater Self-Acceptance, this could be something you could eventually teach to others. Keep in mind though that Self-Acceptance is not about lessening your desire for growth and exploration, or working towards self-improvement.
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