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Re: North Node in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in the 1st

I absolutely love that quote about the emotional river.
I feel that the fear of losing everything may have come from childhood, seeing my mother struggle to provide for me and herself until my stepfather would come along and help. We were never quite stable - I am not blaming her for my fear, I just have to learn to not re create that in my future. I need to be stable in my emotions perhaps to create and be in a positive flow.
I feel like lack of air, Neptune in the 3rd and Mercury combust conflict my ability to stay objective - I can be so subjective and emotional.
Neptune and Saturn are in mutual reception in my chart, hopefully helping each other out. I also once heard to 'balance' a Sun Moon opposition would be to look to any planet they sextile or trine, and that would be Chiron and Saturn. But they are in opposition! It's always fun to try to pick my chart apart, I get so lost in it. I am hoping to overcome fears and just live life to the fullest without fear of judgement, but rather inspiration from people who are connected on a soul and physical level.
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