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Re: North Node in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in the 1st

My foundation is with others, I have never lived on my own - I do want to conquer that fear. I believe deep down that I am capable - my fear is that I will lose everything and not be able to provide for myself.
There are times where I want to run away from my problems for sure, I've got a better handle at learning now but I feel like it's almost constantly coming at me from outside sources to keep learning to deal with emotions.

Religion and spirituality have played out majorly in the past 2-3 years during and after my Jupiter return. I adopted Christianity because it was my boyfriends faith and it kind of made sense to me, but then something caught me off guard and lead me to take interest in astrology and drop the Christian faith which didn't really resonate with me in the beginning. I believe in God, there are little hints of the presence around. I know there is a God. I've had some very 'strange' things happen, like between dreams and reality. Sensing that things are going to happen. Synchronicities are a big thing for me. A lot of my emotion does spill out on paper with art, I definitely feel gifted in that sense.
I like to read Tarot and Astrology, I feel like that connects me most with the spiritual in a physical way. Sometimes it comes through art - it's hard to explain, though.

Your insights are so relevant!

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