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Re: North Node in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in the 1st

Going with the flow is good to a degree, but with that you also need to develop mindfulness to be aware of how much your thinking affects your actions. We also need to remember that much of our actions are triggered by the subconscious embeds that have been fed to us.

Keeping things in balance is definitely a challenge for most of us. I think your major blockage is in the Saturn /Chiron opposition, yet you do have some potential assistance from the trine between Moon/Jupiter and Saturn, with Saturn sextile your Sun.

Saturn asks what is your foundation that you rely upon? Your most obvious beliefs can manifest themselves in form, so you need to consider what beliefs serve to guide you: some may be in need of revising. You said that you feel deep fears boiling under the surface; regarding that:

are you able to confront your fears, or do you try to run away from them?

Moon: With the Moon combined with Jupiter there is the potential for the emotions to spill forth erratically or recklessly, yet Saturn tries to stabilize that by saying that you have the capability to control their flow, when you are attuned enough to monitor them regularly.

Study your innermost beliefs. The Moon rules your 9th H, so there is a connection with religion versus spirituality. Jupiter rules the 2nd, so they are also connected with the material / physical side of life.

I might assume that all that Scorpio energy encourages you to lean more to the metaphysical reality; intuitions, hunches and instincts are apt to be strong; The problem with instincts is they can become overly defensive and serve to keep you feeling off guard.
Have you experienced incidents that appear to be psychic in nature?

You might benefit from the Aries energy in your 5th H: this could suggest the potential for creative talents; expressing creativity is a good way to monitor your emotions; give them an avenue for exploration rather than letting them build up inside until they reach a boiling point.
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