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Re: Transiting Pluto square with natal Lunar Nodes

From first glance, at least, NN speaks to a need for balance concerning resources that is not blinded by egoistic self-interest or over-reliance on others. There might be a misunderstanding about 'give and take' from this dynamic. It's all giving, or all taking - either in reality, or more often by perception. Or to put it another way, there is a need/concern with the sharp division between 'mine' and 'yours' that sometimes becomes extrapolated to an abstract 'ours' and 'theirs', or a desire that no such division should exist at all.

With Mercury square the nodes, you may be constantly working to resolve this tension, but it might be an unconscious process with Neptune conjunct Mercury in the 12th. Transit Pluto conjunct natal Mercury signals (internal or external) changes that will have a strong impact on your thinking, perhaps bringing much of the hidden and uncomfortable patterns of thought to light.

Anyway, that would be my interpretation. I'm not the most experienced.
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