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Transiting Pluto square with natal Lunar Nodes

Hey all,

Iím new here but wanted to invite some opinions about current transits against my natal chart. Iíve had a very tumultuous few years full of a lot of change in regards to my mental health etc. However since the beginning of the year I have begun to explore my spirituality in many ways which has helped so much with my outlook and I finally feel like Iím beginning to touch on my true self which has been tucked away for a long time.

When looking at the current planetary positions I noticed that Pluto is square with my natal lunar nodes (NN is libra/8th leaving SN in Aries/2nd). From my basic understanding I take this as Pluto representing a deep transformation or change and I perhaps need to look towards resolving the lunar node polarity to facilitate this change?

Iíd appreciate if someone could help me elaborate further on this and understanding what karmic lesson that the lunar nodes in these signs/houses represent and any other information with specific relation to my own natal chart. Or perhaps any other relevant interpretations from my chart which could point towards some point of change in my life or where I could focus my efforts.

Here is a copy of my natal chart with the current planetary positions on the outside:

Looking forward to chatting!
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