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Re: Help with understanding asteroids In first house!:)

I don't look much at minor aspects when dealing with asteroids. I stick to conjunctions and oppositons, perhaps trines and squares if they are very exact. The semisquare to the Sun and the sextiles to Neptune and node might be interesting to look at since they are fairly exact, but honestly I wouldn't pay them much mind.

So I'd say the only aspect of any importance there is Circe conjunct Pluto.

Since asteroids is such a new area of astrology there isn't really any astrology cookbook that will tell you how Circe and Pluto would interact. What one can do, in the case of mythological names, is to read the stories surrounding the name in question. In any case, Pluto is the main force and the astroid will usually just add a bit of nuance.

Circe is usually said to be a daughter of Helios, the sun god, and herself a minor goddess of witchcraft. She makes an appearance in the Odyssey, where she is portraid as an enchantress and sorceress. She is also associated with such things as herb lore, transformation/transmutation, seduction, revenge, wise council... Most of that is rather similar to the energies of Pluto, so Circe's influence might be quite hard to distinguish.
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