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Ascendant sign and ruler of the ascendant

I think itís very important to consider those two things. I think they represent the native but more so in regards to their initial life circumstances and where they come from. I havenít been able to see correlation with physical appearance and the rising sign, though. Any ideas?

Maybe Iím projecting but Iím a Cancer rising with Moon in the 4th in Libra and I definitely see myself as a very moon-like person, especially in my childhood. Iíd say Iím aloof, sociable yet distant, full of thought - and, in other regards, constantly reminiscing about the past; very aware of my child-self within me and I have a good long term memory. Iíd say that this keen sense of awareness about my own emotional states and what ďfeelsĒ like me has given me a very real sense of self. I constantly feel distant from others and like Iím a foreigner everywhere I go.

On a physical side, I have always been a late bloomer. Like really so. To the point where I looked like I was 11 when I was 16. That exaggerated yes. Could that be because my Saturn is in a mutual reception by exaltation with my Moon or something? I look a lot like my dad.

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