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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Thank you for coming back, Osamenor!

What I found striking is that I’m quite touched -for some bizarre reason- to hear what you say about my previous lifetime. I almost wanted to cry when I read this. It must mean that you’ve hit a truth, discovered something that is precious to me. ‘Striving for prominence’ has been a recurring theme in my life.

I was very well known locally as a child (I live far far away now). All I wanted from when I was little was being “famous”. Please excuse me, I’m cringing to admit this. And although I’m a (very minor) public figure, I know I’ll never be as “famous” as in my wildest dreams. And I’m reminding myself to be grateful for every day I have on this planet as an average human being. Even though I’m sometimes disappointed about my lack of ‘prominence’. I always thought that this is something everyone wants, but I think I have it a bit worse than others. On the other hand I also hate being in the public eye, even if it’s only a little bit. It makes me feel weirdly disconnected and I prefer to retreat usually (That is my SN right? Venus in taurus in the 8th probably, no? And Moon in Capricorn in 4th?)

This is also where I now understand my Jupiter in Pisces 5/6th squaring all this comes in. I’m supposed to share and connect to people. To not think about my prominence issues and where I stand in the pecking order, but actually really open myself to other human beings. I’ve even started warming to this kind of “cheesy” language and start to understand “connecting”, “relating” and “sharing” is actually something wonderful. (No, I haven’t gone crazy, but have come a long way! Previously, words like that would've had me break out in a cold sweat.) I love what you say about art and design being a service too. I do want to serve others, I’ve only never realised there are different ways of doing so. I want to help others with my design.

Looking at my NN in 3rd, and when I’m out and about people often like to talk to me, and I almost always have pleasant experiences with others in the community. And I relate to anyone, it’s not just the folks who are like me…

What is also interesting is that you say having the children was a manifestation of my SN. Have I understood that correctly? Wow and wow again! You are absolutely correct and I’ve never even seen it. Having the children wasn’t a conscious decision I took. It was like autopilot, and I only found my husband quite late, else I probably would have had children as soon as I had the right partner. All I wanted from when I was young was have at least 3 children. And yes, you're right about the impulsive romance that led to responsibilities...we got married because I was pregnant and our kids weren't all that planned. (My husband has NN and Uranus in 5th).

So the road not travelled, right?... You're family responsibilities are holding me back in my career. This is also reflected in Mars in Cancer in 10th opposite Moon in Capricorn in 4th. And before I had kids I held myself back... So I'm an intensely ambitious person who's always held back one way or the other. I need to deal with this and explore.

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That your NN and SN rulers are trine, and that your sun is conjunct your SN, suggests a need for your current life to look a lot like that past one, just with the road not taken explored. You do have your children, you do have your responsibilities, and there's no going back on that, but with lifespans being what they are now, you may have a whole other lifetime's years after your children leave home, or at least become independent enough for you to have a lot of time to yourself. So you have more time and chance to explore things, which is what Sagittarius wants, and learn things, which is what both Sagittarius/Gemini and the third/ninth house want.

This looks like an exploratory lifetime for you.
Thank you again, it has been a revelation!

Please let me know if I could help you with anything...I see you're extremely knowledgeable, and I'm not, but maybe I could answer a question you may have?

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