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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Gemini in 9th and Sag in 3rd, plus the nodes, that's tough, and very interesting.

Both houses in their 'opposite' signs. Must be a real balancing act.

So a detail oriented, communicative, lower mind approach in the area of philosophy, the journey of life, far destinations, spirituality, natural law, and meaning is your tendency, and your evolutionary path is an expansive, explorative, risk taking, philosophical, optimistic approach in the local area, communications, connections, and the acquisition of language.

Bit hard to decipher.

I have Sun on the SN as well, as you saw. Mine's worse though being NN ruler, and having maybe more planets around the SN. I think with these type of charts it must be to do with balancing the polarity and the energies right, and mayeb not trying to outright move away from a tendency so much, as it's impossible..perhaps more about integrating both energies, using the NN to make sure your SN/Sun traits don't fall into their worst expression, are made to their best to benefit the rest of the chart?
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