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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Thank you waybread for sharing your insights! I appreciate it and you're totally right...

I'm always studying something... tarot, drawing, astrology etc but thankfully I managed to finish grad school in time and I work, but with lots of time for my own projects. I never want to travel but enjoy myself once I arrived. I also settled overseas.

You say the nodal aspect isn't so badly aspected. Do you mean the Sun conjunction? Isn't it a heavy influence dissolving my ego and convincing me I’m somehow special? I've been living dangerously for a very long time and I think it was because of this... but I guess it also made me stronger, and I needed that. Anyway, I've learned ways to deal with this lunacy now.

And when you say I need to misidentify with my comfort zone, isn't Gemini in 9th very similar to Sagittarius in the 3rd? The only difference I can see is that the Gemini 9th is more aloof in an ivory tower and the Sag 3rd is on the marketplace on a soapbox?

And I really wanted to shine in this lifetime. Ah well!

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