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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

I was going to post the instructions for posting your chart, then saw Bina beat me to it.

Based on what you've shared about your chart, nodes have a few different meanings. South node can indeed represent what you've already learned. It's associated with past lives--that can mean literal past lives if you believe in reincarnation, or it can mean what you're carrying forward from your ancestral past: attitudes, beliefs, etc. handed down from your ancestors, from your parents all the way back to the proverbial Adam and Eve.

There's also a whole other school of thought, in both Vedic and Western astrology, that describes the north node as magnifying everything and the south node as shrinking everything. North node is the dragon's head: it eats but doesn't digest, it's always hungry for more. Natal planets conjunct the north node have their influence magnified. When planets transit the north node, or when the north node transits a planet in your natal chart, their influence is magnified for you during the transit.

South node is the dragon's tail: it eliminates. Planets conjunct the south node have their influence muted somewhat, kind of as if they were retrograde or in detriment. If a planet conjunct the south node is also retrograde and/or in detriment (which your sun is not), then it's even more so.

There's yet another layer to that, though. North node magnifies everything because its influence is brought out into the material world. South node connects us with the spiritual world. If you have sun conjunct the south node, your ego growth (that's what the sun represents) has more to do with spirituality than with worldly success. It is probably much more important to you to follow your own path, even if it includes poverty, than to be ambitious, succeed, become wealthy.

You may be religious, or not-religious-but-spiritual, or not call yourself religious or spiritual, but still have a sense of calling or searching. However you view it, there is something spiritual about your deepest needs and desires. Focusing on career success, making money, etc. won't satisfy your purpose at all. That doesn't mean you can never have money or career success, just that you need something else to be your main focus.

Looking at it from a past life perspective, sun conjunct the south node means you were a larger than life person in your previous incarnation(s), or that you're carrying the ancestral influence of people who were. Sun in this case represents a person who others revolve around, who draws people to them, who is a leader, either out in front of the crowd or through strong influence behind the scenes.

The combination of Gemini and the ninth house suggests a teacher or spiritual leader (ninth house), who draws people in through what they say (Gemini). Considering that your north node is in Sagittarius in the third house, your path for this life is similar. Third house has similar meanings to Gemini, and Sagittarius has similar meanings to the ninth house. Jupiter square is also relevant, but that's a subject for another post, if you're interested.
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