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Re: Opinions about my chart please

hi Amaris

you might now be familiar with some of these symbols.

the vertex is conjunct to (osc)Lilith exactly. this can subject you to phantasmagorical feelings, experience or visions. this cosmic intrusion to your subconscious can be confusing as these other worldly sensations seem to emanate from inside you.
at the minimum, it shows you understand that there are many facets and planes to reality. it can give very correct intuitions if you are not too awed or confused by these/your feelings.
this usually shows that unusual experiences or coincides affect you that other people could not understand or relate to. this can give a sense of karma or destiny if you can make sense of these energies.

your sun/moon midpoint is opposed to Neptune and square to chiron. quite a interesting pattern as this indicates your life will be one of discovering learning secrets, about your self,family and society.

this shows you are very intelligent and analytical .to desire to understand everyone and everything well enough to what makes them/it tick.
on one hand you are amazingly direct but on the other hand you don't let people really know what you think or feel.

you do have some major issues that affect how you related to relationships and people in general.
your sun is square to pluto. this shows that in spite of your fluid personality, you are quite selfish. with the sun ,you may not see this but in everything you do your primary concern is you. the strength of this aspect is that you are a survivor. you can be bent but not broken. you have hidden strength that arises when you are most in need.

the midpoint of sun/Pluto midpoint is opposed to Saturn and Eris. this shows a constricted environment as a child. it shows a father or father figure that was cruelly strict with you. this aspect usually leaves one with poor self esteem. The venus/chiron midpoint is opposed to Saturn and conjunct the pluto/sun midpoint. You also have mercury square to nessus and this midpoint square to Neptune and your moon/sun midpoint and your chiron.
these are extremely difficult emotional energies to be brought up around. there was a constant belittling you or criticizing you.the emotional relationship with your father was........dysfunctional.

your mars/venus midpoint is square to your ascendant showing you to have a loving and affectionate nature and usually brings people around you.

with Saturn trine to juno and orcus, your family likely has social or economic advantages.

pallas square to eris and Saturn could show that in spite of difficulties you have a "good" relationship with your father .

in spite of some harsh emotional conditions you are really very optimistic and romantic. your Venus/sun midpoint is conjunct to psyche and your moon is conjunct to eros so you always seems to be in love with "life" and are very idealist and romantic .

you also seem to be a truth teller as your Jupiter is square to sedan and opposed to your psyche/sun/Venus aspects. this is another indication of you interest in knowledge and heightens your intelligence as you easily understand the larger patterns in society and life in general. and you act with respect and truth and you expect others to act the same. this position can bring many friend to you for advice or your opinion as you are regarded by you peer group as up front and honest.

your mars is square to Uranus showing you are very independent and a rebel at heart. you tend to ignore laws that are corrupt or ridiculous and but you do have your own morals which you adhere to faithfully. but this aspect will bring constant change and new horizons throughout you life.


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