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Re: The Chinese Zodiac and Western Astrology

I studied Acupuncture for a year, though I didn't complete my studies. I still have a book that mentions a 6th element in the history of element theory.

The Foundations of Chinese Medicine by Giovanni Maciocia says on page 20:

Some of the earliest references to elements do not call them 'elements' at all; instead an element is a 'seat of government'... and they were at one point considered to be six rather than five. They were in fact called either the 'Five Abilities' or the 'Six Seats of Government'. A book from the Warring States period says: 'Heaven sends the Five Abilities and the people use them. And it also says: 'The Six Seats of Government... are Water, Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth and Grain. Thus 'Grain' was considered to be the sixth 'element'.

The earliest references to elements mention a 6th element. Granted, it was called 'grain' instead of 'air' as i have proposed, but there were six of them. Consider also that all things have a yin and a yang. Then notice that Qi is always yang. Well qi is best translated into english as 'air' or 'energy'. We have an air sign in Western Astrology. It is just another element like fire, water and earth. So if we just apply the same principle of yin and yang to the Western Air, we get Yin Air and Yang Air. That equates to a Yin Qi and a Yang Qi. So the sixth element is none other than Qi itself. Except now the law of yin and yang are applied to it and it joins the other five elements.

Edit: Also, Aries rules vitality. Your vitality is determined by your qi, so it takes the Qi sign.
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