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Re: When will my career start and bring in wealth?

2nd lord in 2nd indeed makes you wealth but only after long hard work ,since saturn aspects it gives after hard cry . i have 11th lord in 2nd no.1 yoga for wealth but kalasarpa dosh spoiling it . it gives after 35 . after getting many bitter experience in life .

as i said earlier Jupiter is over all good for you , you will travel many forgein countries with your spouse both for profession and pleasure .

business also interest you at the same time you also spend lot . highly spendthrift . for you romance comes and goes like a flame , will have multiple romances in jupiter dasa . your social status increase you also get fame . your work praised every where . whatever you lost will gain back ... most importantly peace of mind , you are the one who knows values of it .

you may at times have troubles regarding eyes , stomach and children's but all wont affect you in any way . you conquer all ..

jupiter dasa marks your professional success , you will leave the trace behind you . will be role model for others . ...
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