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When will my career start and bring in wealth?

Hello all!

Thank you in advance for any insight.

I graduated college in May 2019 and I completed an apprenticeship for a job in Marketing Dec 2019. Marketing is not related to my degree or goals. I don't really care to work in that field but its easier to get a job and I have to pay the bills. lol

I am not currently working due to health issues but I will start interviewing for a Marketing job soon because my health has improved.

However, my dream career and what I went to school for is creative writing. I want to write novels and for television/film. I am working on a book now.

I am wondering when will my career as a writer start or will I be stuck working in marketing forever? Will I be wealthy?

Also if you can also answer a question about marriage. Because I started school and found my passion late in life I stayed focused on building my career and put love aside for over 6 years. I would like to start looking for a partner soon. I am just worried because I am 35 and wondering if I will ever marry, what will my husband be like and do for a living?

I have venus combusted in the 7th with Rahu, so I was thinking maybe marriage is not in the stars for me?

My Birth info:

May 28, 1984
Brooklyn, NY, USA

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